Dashing Cherry 2D Shoulder Bag


Who doesn’t love some cherry on their bags? Grab the 2D Dashing Shoulder bag in this sweet color! It’s always nice to put a cherry on top, right?!


Say hello to some new bold fun in your life with this Dashing Shoulder 2D Bag. This bag really packs a punch with bold powerful colors to add to your wardrobe. Best paired with casual outfits but hey, you can do whatever you like! Notably with this bag you’ll find two ways to carry it from point A to point B. You simply have to get this one!

Bag Features:

1. Made of water resistant canvas material on the outside.

2. Vinyl and polyester on the inside

3. Sports a handle to carry by hand.

4. A convenient strap to sling and go over your shoulder.

5. One primary compartment which can hold tablets, magazines, books, makeup, phones, and more.

6. One super small buttoned compartment on the outside which you can store a usb cord, chapstick, or other small item.