Newest Style 2D Backpack (4 Colors)


The Brand NEW HOTT Style for our 2D Backpacks. Enjoy a boxier style backpack in 4 different colors! Grab it on SALE now!


The Hottest  Boxiest Style for our 2D Backpacks.

Enjoy a refreshing modern look for our 2D Backpack line with royal greenish blue or popping red! These 2d Bags have all the fun and practicality together to make it a worth while companion. Use it for school, on the go, or to grab attention… the choice is yours! Just like the older style that we sport, this comes with all the goodness that was loved originally! Designed for college students by college students. Choose from 4 different colors for this 2D Backpack: Blue, Red, Violet or Pink!

This 2D Bag features the following.

1. Water Resistant Canvas material

2. Zippered primary compartment

3. Secondary buttoned primary compartment

4. Small compartment for cell phones, pens and more

5. Improved carrying capability plus a top strap to lug your 2d backpack around!

6. Measurements: 38*10*40cm