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    2D Bag Handbag Special Edition (3 Colors)

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    OMG! These are adorable 2D Bags. This my friends, are the cream of the crop special edition 2D Handbags specially designed for the fashionistas out there! We hope you’ll use it for a day or evening shopping as it may carry your essentials or even used for  girls night out. We present the perfect trio… Please meet your new friends Alice, Ballerina, and Martini!

    2D Bag Features:

    1. Primary compartment to fit small essentials such as makeup, chapstick, phone, charger, women goods, chocolate and more.

    2. Outer water resistant canvas to protect your valuables.

    3. Fits your mood depending on the 2DBag of your choice.

    4. Three colors to choose from: Alice in blue. Ballerina in Pink. Martini in Black.


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