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    2D Backpack Blue/Pink

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    The Blue/Pink 2D Backpack is a gorgeous color combination that is easy on the eyes but still bold in fun! Take your newly found companion to school with you and be the envy of your school block. Definitely a popular 2D bag for the ladies as it tends to fit match plethora of outfits. What kind of lady cannot appreciate that? Take your bag everywhere.



    1. Main zippered Compartment to fit the big stuff! Fantastic for laptops, books, and more.

    2. Secondary buttoned Compartment with room to also fit laptops, tablets, books, and things you want more secure.

    3. Small buttoned Compartment designed for a phone, chargers, planners, pens, and smaller items.

    4. X-Small buttoned Compartment designed for lip/chapstick or usb drive.

    5. Outer water resistant canvas material

    6. Inside textiles include nylon/polyester/plastic

    7. Stand out from the crowd and environment. It contrasts with everything!

    8. Dimensions: 38 x 46 x 8 cm