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    Trendy 2D Backpack (3 Colors)

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    What exactly does Trendy mean? It means “to be very fashionable or up to date in style or influence” Are you going to be the leading trend in your city? We’re willing to be that you can be when you match one of our backpacks with an outfit of yours! With this 2D Backpack, you can bet you’re going to pop out from the normal 3D world around you. With three different high contrasting color selections to choose from: Blue and Yellow, Blue and Red, or Blue and Gray! Select and Match with the hottest new bag or gift it as the perfect early back to school season bag!

    2D Backpack features:

    1. Adjustable straps for proper fitment.

    2. A “handle” so you can lug your bag around with ease when it’s not on your shoulders.

    3. One primary compartment which you can store the bigger items such as text books, laptops, ipads, tablets, and more!

    4. Secondary buttoned pouch for smaller ticket items such as your phone, chargers, snacks, chap stick and more.

    5. Made of a water resistant canvas material that gives it the appearance and protects your valuables on the inside.

    6. Dimensions: 38x31x9