Green 2D Backpack


Hulk would definitely be proud of this bold green combination. He would smash it into the floor to make it extremely 2D! Grab & Smash this Green 2D Backpack

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Hulk Smash! Hulk would definitely be proud of this bold green combination although we’re pretty certain that it would not fit him… Too bad so sad! But we’re positive as the Hulk can be that this particular 2D Bag will fit you! Show off your inner rage with the mean green machine known as our green 2D Backpack. Our most popular 2D Backpack among the skating community.


1. Main zippered Compartment to fit the big stuff! Fantastic for laptops, books, and more.

2. Secondary buttoned Compartment with room to also fit laptops, tablets, books, and things you want more secure.

3. Small buttoned Compartment designed for a phone, chargers, planners, pens, and smaller items.

4. X-Small buttoned Compartment designed for lip/chapstick or usb drive.

5. Outer water resistant canvas material

6. Inside textiles include nylon/polyester/plastic

7. Stand out from the crowd and environment. It contrasts with everything! Take your bag everywhere.

8. Dimensions: 38 x 46 x 8 cm