Butcher Knife Clutch


The Butcher Knife Clutch Purse! It’s exactly as it seems. A bag with an appearance of a butcher knife with a bloody appearance. Perfect Halloween Bag or any year round occasion you want some scary fun. However, it cannot be used as a true meat cleaver as that would be a very dangerous bag, and danger is bad!

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Have you ever wanted to scare a friend? This unique Butcher Knife Clutch does it all with a bloody appearance! While truly an eye grabber, this clutch will not only give your friend’s laughs or scares, it will hold all the items you’d expect a clutch to hold.

Speaking of holding, you can hold it two ways. You can either hold it like a knife or you can use the handy strap to sling it around your wrist and hands for easy carrying. We won’t hold it against you if you prefer the first method.