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    2D Bag Arcade Backpack

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    5.00 out of 5

    $79.99 $29.99

    A gamer’s dream come true! We’ve all been zoned out at the arcade or played a retro game in life. Now take it everywhere with you and flaunt your gamer style in 2D. The perfect 2dBag as a gift for a gamer or anyone quirky. This 2D Backpack can fulfill all your expectations that you would demand from it. Designed by college students, for college students you can expect it to carry those dreaded heavy textbooks OR you can transport your new PS4 or Xbox One in style! Grab the most ordered 2D Backpack of the 2017 back to school season! Take your bag everywhere.

    2D Backpack Features

    1. One large main zippered compartment (Multiple books, Laptops, Ps4, Xbox One, Clothes and more)

    2. Side compartment (Great for smaller items like controllers, phones, phablets, tablets, and more)

    3. Outer water resistant canvas

    4. Inner textiles of nylon, plastic, and polyester.