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    Mini 2D Backpack Pink

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    We shrunk our classic 2D Backpack into this adorable and stylish Mini Backpack. We didn’t go too small as it still needs to be functional enough to carry all your essentials. It’s perfect to use for laptops, ipads, cell phones… beach accessories 🙂 It may be smaller in size but it packs just as much POP as all of our 2D Bags.

    Large vs Small 2D Backpack

    Choose from a variety of colors. This bag is perfect for little ones who need a smaller bag, or for those who don’t want the larger classic cartoon backpack. And as usual, our backpacks feature the following.

    1. Main zippered Compartment to fit the big stuff! Fantastic for laptops, books, and more.

    2. Secondary buttoned Compartment with room to also fit laptops, tablets, books, phones. Disclaimer: an elephant will NOT fit.

    3. Small buttoned Compartment designed for a phone, chargers, planners, pens, and smaller items.

    4. X-Small buttoned Compartment designed for lip/chapstick or usb drive.

    5. Outer water resistant canvas material

    6. Inside textiles include nylon/polyester/plastic

    7. Stand out from the crowd and environment. It contrasts with everything! Take your bag everywhere.

    8. Dimensions: Approximately: 15 1/2 inches(39cm) x 12 inches(32cm) x 3 inches(8cm). Our larger classic 2D Backpack measures 18 inches(46cm) x 15inches(38cm) x 3 inches(8cm)