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    2D Bag Dual Pocket Purse (Yellow or Blue)

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    A fantastic addition to the lineup of 2D Bags. This 2D Bag has the best of both worlds including full functionality as a wacky purse and as a shoulder bag. The strap can do both ways of carrying justice! With two colors to choose from, yellow or blue to match your outfit of the day.

    Bag features:

    1. Made of water resistant canvas material to protect your valuables.
    2. Strap is long enough to sling on your shoulder and go or to carry handle style.
    3. 2 colorways of yellow or blue!
    4. Innards are made of polyester, vinyl, and plastic.
    5. One primary compartment to store a tablet and similar sized items. Of course you can also drop in your makeup, accessories, and other essentials.
    6. Two pocket sized compartments to fit the small items!