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    Eclipse Backpack

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    What’s more classic than black and white? Add a mix of 2D Bags and you get a refreshing modern spin. Get ready to take your cartoon backpack to the next level with these eye popping new 2D BAGS backpacks. Enjoy this unique look, but also enjoy how useful and slim this backpack is. It’s not super bulky, but is ready to keep all your essentials in a cool compact style. Are you ready to start living the 2D lifestyle?

    This 2D Bag features the following.

    1. Water Resistant Canvas material

    2. Zippered primary compartment

    3. Secondary buttoned primary compartment

    4. Small compartment for cell phones, pens and more

    5. Improved carrying capability plus a top strap to lug your 2d backpack around!

    6. Measurements: 38*10*40cm