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    2D Bag – Mini Satchel (3 Colors)

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    We’d like to introduce our friend the 2D Mini Satchel Bag. This 2D Bag is no doubt a must have piece for the wardrobe with it’s bold appearance. You’ll be able to sling this and go with just enough room to fit what you really need for that concert or a night out. It was designed for minimalist purposes when you don’t need or want to lug in your whole purse!  Mix and match with different outfits with our variety of colors to choose from.

    2D Mini Satchel Bag features:

    1. A bold 2D appearance for stunning your friends

    2. Adjustable strap

    3. One main compartment to fit your absolute essentials.

    4. Made of water resistant canvas material to keep your valuables safe from the weather and other mishaps.